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hellokittyhospital1I wonder if Sanrio had a hand in creating this:

A Hello Kitty maternity hospital just opened in Yuanlin, Taiwan. Rooms are decked out in cute kitty goodness – uniforms, cots, blankets, and interior decor are all plastered with the image of the cartoon cat. Director or the hospital, Tsai Tsung-chi, claims that his hospital would ease the pain of childbirth.

This could be the smartest marketing ploy ever. Sanrio may have one-upped cigarette companies by introducing their product AT BIRTH to it’s customer base. Life long attachments (psychological dependency anyone?) to the cartoon character and products may result. Someone should do research on this. READ MORE…

time-margaretrheeThis week’s TIME Magazine features Michelle Rhee, public schools chancellor of Washington D.C. Her unorthodox approach to school reform has earned her many opponents as well as supporters. The city’s legendary troubled public school system boasts a mere 24% graduation rate for some schools.  In her first year and a half on the job, she shut down 21 schools, removed 270 teachers and 36 principles in an attempt to transforming the failing system. Rhee vows that she will make D.C. the highest performing urban public school district in the nation. “The U.S. spends more per pupil on elementary and high school education than most developed nations…Young Americans today are less likely than their parents were to finish high school” READ MORE…

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East West Players

Curry House – on Sawtelle Blvd. (Coupon in the issue!)

Organization of Chinese Americans

Anna’s Italian Restaurant

From xkcd.com:

I’ve always wondered about this…

According to a report by The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, on a national level, 46.3 percent of 11,430 offenses that occurred within the single-bias incidents were motivated by racial bias in 2001.                                                     -NewAmericanMedia.org

According to recent reports, hate crime has been decreasing, but hate crimes towards AAPIs have been on the rise.  That’s why you should join OCA at the Student of Color Conference, November 21-23 at UCLA.  They’re hosting a Hate Crimes Awareness Workshop on Saturday the 22nd – prizes and entertaiment included.  Plus, get educated on hate crimes, share your stories, and learn how to stop hate crime.  For more information visit www.studentofcolor.org.

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