Established in 1977, Pacific Ties is the oldest student-run Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) newsmagazine in the nation. We seek to showcase the rich and diverse stories of the APIDA community on and off campus through news and commentary.

Today, we continue to create on-going dialogue that offers insight into the dynamics of being APIDA, challenges the perceptions of APIDA identity, and celebrates the achievements of the communities we all have ties to.


We publish weekly online content across four sections: news, opinion, arts & culture, creative. Additionally, our quarterly print magazines can be found for free on UCLA campus newsstands, and digital copies can be found on our Issuu page.

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Managing Team [And Editorial Board] 2023-2024:

Varsha Ravi, Editor-in-Chief | Contact: [email protected]

Chelsea Tran, Internal Managing Editor + News Editor

Anisha Menath, External Managing Editor + Opinion Editor

Christine King, Internal Managing Editor + Arts & Culture Editor

Lisa Ramos, External Managing Editor + Creative Editor

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