Ethan Pak is a second-year MCDB major, having written for Pacific Ties since winter 2016. Despite his interest in journalism, he hopes to enter medical school and work to become a physician.

Valerie Soe Discusses Documentary ‘Love Boat: Taiwan’

Valerie Soe, a former Pacific Ties editor-in-chief (1981) and currently an associate professor at San Francisco State University, is an award-winning filmmaker. Most of her works are shorts, focusing on one social theme such as dismissing the stereotype of all Asians looking the same in her short All Orientals look the same. Soe will be filming and conducting interviews in Taiwan for her full-length documentary Love Boat: Taiwan this summer.

TASC Hosts Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Identifying herself as Taiwanese American, Hsu believes the heritage week is important to specify exactly who the Taiwanese are and to demonstrate that Taiwan is its own country. The political standing is extremely culture-specific, so in order to include more members of the community, including non-Taiwanese individuals, TASC Initiative emphasizes more on the cultural aspects: TAHW is a celebration of Taiwanese culture and history and an opportunity for the community to come together.