A Safe Space for Mixed People

It’s a cloudy Wednesday morning, and mid-week crisis is looming above most people as they furiously type into their keyboards outside Kerckhoff Hall. Among them, sits a wide-beaming girl with a black and white coat and an aura of confidence. Kamilah Zadi is the Co-Director of the Mixed Student Union (MSU) at UCLA — an…

Mixed Student Union Hosts Fourth Annual Heritage Conference

The reach of the organization’s efforts go well beyond the campus, with its connections to several other student organizations such as those at the University of Southern California. Chelsea Strong, co-director of MSU alongside Pezner, shared that the conference was the biggest event hosted by the organization to attract students, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds “to get a chance to learn critically about mixed heritage.” To manifest the appropriate space for this exchange of ideas and learning, prominent speakers from various mixed backgrounds were invited to speak.