Ethan Pak is a second-year MCDB major, having written for Pacific Ties since winter 2016. Despite his interest in journalism, he hopes to enter medical school and work to become a physician.

UCLA Alumna and Filmmaker Valerie Soe Fundraises for ‘Love Boat: Taiwan’ Documentary

In the upcoming documentary, Valerie Soe will investigate an international phenomenon. Love boat originally was a Taiwanese cultural enrichment program that quickly became a popular site for romance and relationships. Soe aims to explore how a cultural program transformed to a popular dating location and how it has impacted particular communities. More information on the project can be found on her campaign page.

Jade: a Color of Health, Luck, and Hepatitis B

Like pink is to breast cancer, jade is to hepatitis B. The color jade holds many symbolic significances to Asians, but perhaps most importantly, it represents hepatitis awareness. May is hepatitis awareness month, but organizations from UCLA, particularly Team HBV, are already preparing events to raise the disease’s awareness on campus. On April 21, Team…