Leopard-print tights. Black lips. Thick, black eyeliner. A hairdo shaped like a flame. Hahn-Bin, 22-year-old Korean violinist, performed at the Hammer Museum on Thurs., March 17.

I made a mistake arriving only 15 minutes early. There was a long line for the annex since the theater was already full. Although I didn’t experience the live performance, I thought the event was amazing. Hahn-Bin had a mix of relaxed composure to sudden spontaneity.

He wasn’t just a musician playing a violin, he was an actor. His poses and facial expressions helped compose a story in my head. He even made the audience laugh a few times.

I’m usually more inspired to do something when I see someone my age or younger doing something out of the ordinary. After studying for finals and hearing the nonstop talk of “Asians in the Library,” this was a good start for my spring break.


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