Editorial: The Real Story–AAPIs are Political AF

On June 3, Daily Bruin writer Kelly Yeo published an article titled, “Asian American activism on campus: an in-depth investigation,” in The Quad, a part of the Daily Bruin. What at first seemed like an exciting investigative report from a publication that rarely reports about our communities was actually a problematic personal narrative that failed to live up to its self reported “in-depth investigation” status.

Meet Teesa, a pop musician

I ended up interviewing Teesa (teesamusic.com) for my mini project. Her music style reminds me of Katy Perry, Kesha, and a bit of Cascada, although she has noted that some of her influences have come from Jimi Hendrix and Asian pop. Her songs are highly energetic, just like herself; she’s quite an animated young lady.…