For my Ethnocommunications class, we viewed a documentary called A Village Called Versailles. One of the TAs believes that this is what opened the nation to acknowledging that a Vietnamese community exists in New Orleans. Even when Hurricane Katrina occurred, this community remained voiceless from mainstream media. Sure, Anderson Cooper covered it for a bit, but when it comes to IN-YOUR-FACE media, I didn’t see it there.

I have heard about their struggles with the oil spill since their communities relied on fishing farms. But it was only this year that I even realized that there was a great amount of Asians living in that area.

The documentary was definitely emotional and touching. I could feel the community’s struggles and issues, even if I’m not directly connected to them. The interaction between youth and elderly, Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese… that was powerful.

And for some reason, definitely random, I was attracted to the film’s use of maps.

Watch the trailer:



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