sunset 2

1) Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner

With the help of recipes, Google, and YouTube, we made an away-from-home Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mash potatoes, kim chi fry rice, stir fry salmon, and veggies. Plus deserts: ice cream, brownies, cheesecake, and pumpkin pies

2) Watch the sunset

Take a 15 minute walk from campus to the cliff that directly overlooks the ocean for an amazing view of the sunset

3) Visit everyone you know

Who knew college would make it so hard to see good high school friends? Considering the fact that we’re broke college students and from the same area, break is the perfect time to see each other.

4) Go to the beach

Cold temperature shouldn’t be a factor. It was actually a sunny, warm day at the beach despite what the weather channel said. Take a 30 minute walk from campus to Blacks Beach. Play in the water, draw in the sand, skin board, and have a sand fight. Also, catch the sunset after a long, fun-filled day at the beach.

5) Enjoy each other’s company 🙂

Catch up, watch scary & classic movies (Starship Troopers), do a 1000 piece puzzle, explore the campus, or just chill.


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