This is a crossover I never thought I’d see: Tiger Parenting and zombies. Yup, that’s right. Tiger Parenting and zombies. Over at, Roger Ma has written a persuasive article on the benefits of Tiger Parenting in the case of a zombie apocalypse. According to Ma, Tiger Parenting instills the discipline (and the math skills) needed when faced with imminent death in the form of re-animated corpses.

“Only the most disciplined individuals will be able to sharpen armaments, mend barriers, and beat back ravenous corpses without going completely insane, children raised in the Tiger manner among them.”

Sounds good to me. And even better are those math skills:

* You are being pursued by a zombie. The corpse’s pace averages 23 minutes/mile. You can run an 11-minute mile. If you run 7.5 miles, with two five-minute breaks, how long before you encounter a zombie again?

* Your weapon can only crush another 35 undead skulls. Your exit is blocked by a room packed with the living dead. The room is 10 x 8 feet, and the average standing zombie occupies a space of two square feet. Can you eliminate all the attackers in the room?

As far as math skills go, I’m probably doomed in a zombie apocalypse. But I think I’ve got that discipline part down…especially the discipline to keep running from a hoard of flesh-eating monsters.



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