Photo by John Bowno via Flickr Creative Commons

Not Just a Love Story

When I was doing a reading log for my Japanese class, I was attracted by the story about a Japanese traditional festival — tanabata (七夕), or the Double Seventh Festival. This story caught my attention because this festival is also celebrated in China, and its names have exactly the same form in Chinese characters as…


i Contact

On most mornings, while walking to campus, I come across a million smartphones carrying a million people. Bent heads and screensavers, a connectedly disconnected universe. A place where you would rather put on earphones than talk to the stranger nearby or fiddle with your phone gallery than create new memories. So, in this world of…


Gentrification of Food

On Saturday mornings, I would take an one hour train ride with my parents to Grand St, the heart of the Fujianese, a southern Chinese province, enclave in New York City’s Chinatown, where their restaurant, their second home, laid. Menus were taped against the door outside to give passerbys a preview of the dishes we…