It’s been raining. You might rush out of your apartment, forgetting that key object that’ll keep you dry: an umbrella. But if you’re like me, you don’t even own one. So what happens if you forget to bring it? It’s already too late to go back up to your apartment. You don’t want to have to dig out your keys to get in the lobby. You’re also on a 1o-minute limit because campus feels further away when it rains and you’re almost late for class or work.

If it’s only drizzling, you’re lucky. You can still walk. But when it pours, well, it pours. Especially since it’s midterm season, you want to avoid getting sick.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. place the Daily Bruin newspaper above my head
  2. run through the rain, trying to get under as many trees as possible
  3. put my hair in a bun and wear a scarf –> keeps me warm and feeling less soaked

What I’ve seen other people do:

  1. garbage bags as raincoats
  2. jackets over the head
  3. textbooks over the head

What other people or I should try to use:

  1. a nubrella

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