Unfortunately, we made a few mistakes in our Winter 2011 issue. We are deeply sorry about this.

Page 3: Michelle Bacani is a third-year student, not a fourth-year.
Page 19: Credit was not appropriately given for listed scholarships.
UCLA Asian American Studies Center issued the following scholarships. Contact Meg Thornton for more details:
Angie Kwon Memorial Scholarship
21st Century Undergraduate Scholarships
Toshio & Chiyoko Hoshide Scholarship
Reiko Uyeshima & Family Scholarships
Chidori Aiso Memorial Scholarships
George and Sakaye Aratani Community Internship
Morgan & Helen Chu Outstanding Scholar Award

UCLA Division of Undergraduate Education Scholarships issued the following scholarships:
Helen Matthewson Club (HMC) Memorial Scholarship
Louis Levy Endowed Scholarship
Bess F. Raab Scholarship
Jo-Belle Wolf Scholarship

Please e-mail us at [email protected] if we have made mistakes like the above. Thank you!


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