According to this article, the Philippines contain one of the top social-mediaists in the world. For an impoverished country, some may think how the people can even afford it. The internet is humongous there–my uncle was even planning on opening up an internet cafe.

I feel that  one of the factors of this finding is the constant immigration of Filipinos to  other countries, or even  from America back to the Philippines. My cousin’s mother is studying in the Philippines,  so their main tool for contacting  each other  is via Skype or Facebook. It’s cheaper than long-distance calling too.

It’s not  just for the youth anymore. Older adults are utilizing social media  to  connect with their  high school buddies. My parents own one. And no, they haven’t added me nor have I added them. Not just yet. The did, however, added all three of my siblings.


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