Mia Matsumiya’s @perv_magnet Raises Awareness of Violence and Racism Toward Asian American Women

Over six weeks ago, professional violinist Mia Matsumiya published her first post on her Instagram account @perv_magnet to share her archive of unsolicited messages she has received from “creeps, weirdos, & fetishists over the past 10 years.” In the past week, several online platforms have covered @perv_magnet, and Matsumiya’s story even trended on Facebook. Unfortunately, Matsumiya’s…

Must We Ask to Learn Our History?

April 30 marked the 40th anniversary of what many of those in the Vietnamese diaspora refer to as the Fall of Saigon, or Black April as my generations tends to call it, recognizing that there was much more than one day, or one month of the hells of war. Every year, the Vietnamese Student Union’s Black April Commemoration seeks to commemorate the Vietnamese diaspora’s decision to leave the Vietnamese homeland in search of a better life.

Why The LA Riots Matter Today

With the passing of the 23rd anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots on April 29, it is important to recall that these protests are not isolated instances, but rather examples of how race relations, socioeconomic conditions, and systematic oppression intersect in a way that allows urban communities to become the breeding ground for repeated protests against police brutality since the 1960s.