I am sitting here with Al-Talib Editor in Chief Sayeda, listening to journalism jargon. Along with the other newsmagazine editors, we’re all in Washington D.C.  for a weekend conference hosted by Campus Progress.

As a first-time visitor of D.C., I have found this city to be pedestrian-friendly, overly humid and interesting. So many to do, and so little time. Sayeda and I were planning to visit Union Station today at 7 a.m. so we can go to New York in the evening. Little did we know (then) about the feasibility of our trip. Needless to say, it didn’t happen. Perhaps we can squeeze both into our itinerary.

One suggestion from a lecturer named John (a.k.a “Raging Bull”) suggested writing staff editorials, which I plan to incorporate this year. He offered a formulaic process of writing staff editorals. Here are my notes:
1. Within first 2 sentences, state the problem and state your thesis. (What is the problem? What is your stance?)
2. Support that thesis. (Why do you want it done?)
3. Addressing the opposing side. (What is a compelling counter argument?)
4. Resolution. (Why does this matter?)



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