Just watched this trailer for the movie A Rainy Day for Earthworms. The synopsis: Set in Chinatown, A RAINY DAY FOR EARTHWORMS follows the perspective of a 1st generation Chinese-American child after a tragedy shakes the community.

I didn’t find out much about the plot from the trailer, and I’m not sure if I’m totally excited for this movie. It seems quiet and understated, and maybe a little slow to unfold. It’s not that I don’t like those kinds of movies, but taking it slow and quiet sometimes ends up simply being boring. I do like the little bits of dialogue we hear in the trailer, though, especially the part where the main character (?) says he doesn’t feel like a kid. I don’t think he clarifies why, though, so it’s all a mystery.

Principal photography began in July 2010, and was suspended in November because of seasonal changes. The staff plans to begin shooting again in April, but in the meanwhile, they’re looking for donations to complete the project. They want to finish it by September, and enter it in film festivals.

You can find more information about the project, as well as about how to donate, at the Kickstarter page here.


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