Sorry, not done with end of the year wrap ups yet. I promise I’ll stop after this one. This time I’ve got Asia Pacific Arts’ Best of 2010, which includes best APA movies, pop acts, mainstream sensations, and even Youtube stars. There’s also a section for KPop stars, choreography, and dramas.

I’ve only read the top KPop stars section so far. All I can say is, why wasn’t SNSD’s section longer? Without a doubt, they swept 2010; the paragraph doesn’t even mention that they won Disk Daesang. They’re the first female artist since 2004, and the first female group ever to have won that award. It’s an amazing accomplishment, especially in an industry that’s so male dominated.

Okay, I’ve also browsed through the American Television Moments. I’m surprised, and really pleased, that they mentioned the moment in The Walking Dead where Glenn (Steve Yeun) stops the others from burning their dead with the zombies. “We don’t burn our people. We bury them.” One of the best and most moving moments of the entire series (and no, I am not biased).


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