What were you doing around lunch time last Friday? Anyone hear an underground pop band or see them rocking it out on the Bruin Plaza stage? WonFu (not Wong Fu Productions), a Taiwanese music band of two girls and two guys performed at UCLA while some students were in class, at the gym, or having lunch. Unfortunately I was one of those students that missed the chance to watch their live performance, but some of their songs are available online.

UCLA was one of their first stops to play their music live in their West Coast tour in the United States. I would say that their music is a combination of pop, rock, folk, and even a bit of country; the mixture of these elements make their music sound unique. They do not sing in English, but they still seem to catch a good amount of audience. The song “Lady’s Night” reminds me of a more contemporary-style disco. Their songs overflow with sweetness and upbeat energy but does not convey a teenybopper style. On their Myspace music page under the category “Sounds Like,” they say that their music is “a smiling face” which I absolutely agree.

So if you want to bring some sunshine on your playlist, add them!


Stepfanie Aguilar is a 2nd undeclared student, hoping to major in World Arts and Culture. Someday, she will tour the world and own tons of albums full of postcards and photography.


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