Vegetable tempura. Photo from
Vegetable tempura. Photo from

In the latest issue of Pacific Ties (pages 16-17), I wrote an article entitled “Balancing Culture and Conviction,” exploring  the experiences of Asian American vegetarians and vegans.  Because of space limitations in the print issue, I wasn’t able to include veg-friendly recipe and restaurant links.

So, here in the limitless amount of space online, I would like to share these awesome vegetarian/vegan resources with you!

Also, I thought these would come in handy for those of us who are fasting from meat in observation of Lent.

Thanks to my interviewee Jenny Kim, who shared these links with me!

Vegetarian/vegan recipes:

Vegetarian/vegan restaurant reviews and restaurant links:

Wow!  When I look at these vegan food blogs, I am so inspired to expand my repertoire.  Can’t wait till final exams are over so I can try some of these recipes out!

— posted by Debbie Chong


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