Chancellor Gene Block announced a dedication of the academic year to the theme of “Celebrating 40 Years of Ethnic Studies at UCLA,” in honor of the anniversary. This acknowledgment calls for a reminiscence of the civil rights movements that paved way for the formation of such studies. The movement consisted of the longest student strike known in the nation’s history, lasting for almost a year from 1968 to 1969. Since then, our golden state has progressively become more ethnically diverse, becoming perhaps the most diverse in the country.

Various universities in the state, such as San Francisco State and UC Berkeley, echo this assortment of different societies and cultures from around the world with the development of corresponding ethnic research centers. However, UCLA is currently the only one in the U.S. to have four of such organizations, one of which includes the Asian American Studies Center. The centers here at UCLA have worked together in many aspects, aspiring to represent the interethnic collaboration that much of our society has yet to apprehend is necessary. They are constantly involved in various issues, such as immigration reforms and health care services, and make a persistent effort looking for solutions through engagement with community organizations and its leaders.

To commemorate the centers’ achievements, as well as the achievements of the university’s promotion of diversity, a wide range of activities will occur both on campus, as well as off throughout the county. Mark your calendars for November 18, as Pacific Ties presents Pacific Ties: Breaking Ground to Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Media, a forum including a panel with Giant Robot Magazine Founders and Current/Past Editors of Pacific Ties Newspaper.

More information of the specific events for this celebration can be found at the centers’ website:

Written by Huong Pham


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