Campaign Opens Discussion About Fitting into the Asian Body Ideal

(Trigger warning: eating disorder) What is the ideal Asian body? The hashtag #IdealAsianBody wants to find out. Thick Dumpling Skin co-founders Lynn Chen, a Taiwanese-American actor, and Lisa Lee, former publisher of Hyphen magazine, created the campaign to promote body positivity within the Asian Pacific Islander community early January. Chen and Lee partnered with the Asian…

Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes AAPI Demographic Data Disaggregation Bill

Despite the success of the movement, Nguyen pointed out that data about the demographics on AAPI communities are still oversimplified and difficult to obtain, if not impossible to do so. He also argued that the California State University (CSU) and University of California systems “collect, but does not utilize data,” which further marginalizes underrepresented ethnic minorities in the UC system.