Chloe Nimpoeno


The recent pro-Palestine protests occurring on college campuses across the country, including UCLA’s own Palestinian Solidarity Encampment (PSE), have garnered widespread criticism and have been met with extreme police responses. Student protests of the past and present continue to prove that freedom movements will persist so long as systemic issues go unaddressed by those in power. Understanding this history on both a local and national scale can emphasize the importance of questioning dominant narratives and the power of community-building and actions of solidarity.

Recently, there has been an influx of acronyms used to group different demographics of people under one umbrella term. The Asian American community has especially experienced this, ranging from AAPI to APIDA and more. While these terms are created under the pretense of inclusion, there is still work to be done in digging beyond language to understand its meaning and intention.

Shohei Ohtani, widely regarded as the face of baseball in America, has the world talking once again after signing a historic $700 million contract. Ohtani’s groundbreaking career and contract goes beyond baseball for the Asian and Asian American community. For many aspiring athletes of Asian descent, Ohtani’s presence in professional sports resists long-standing stereotypes and serves as a testament that everyone has the ability to make it big.