An investigation to a Diamond Bar home invasion comes to an end after the arrest of the remaining two of the six suspects.

During the November burglary, the masked assailant tied up a couple and zapped the man with a taser numerous times. Not until the female victim escaped by jumping off the second-floor balcony of the home to alert authorities, did the assailants flee with the jewelry.

The only lead to the case was that one of the suspect was a black man who was fluent in Korean until they were informed by the FBI and Las Vegas Metro Police that three of the five members of a Korean organized crime group from Los Angeles implicated themselves in the Diamond Bar home robbery.

Investigators were able to identify three other suspects in the robbery: one who drove the getaway car and two who planned the home invasion.

The five men were in custody Friday and one was out on bail in connection to the burglary.

By: Cherry To



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