For all of you in the Los Angeles area – Kappa Psi Epsilon of UCLA are having their 6th annual open mic night on May 12th.  The event is free for all and everyone is invited to perform!  Here’s some more info:

This open mic night is an outlet for performers, artists, and regular people to come out and share their talents. Through these performances, we hope to provoke inspiration, thought, and change in the audience.

This year’s Songs of Consciousness theme is “Change for Change.”

In the past, performers have performed anything about: the influence of women in their lives, the struggles they see within their community, the passion they have for their community, their individual passions (life experiences, emotions, love, etc.) Any and all performances are welcome, as long as it has to do with the theme of “Songs of Consciousness.” Basically if it has significant meaning behind it, a meaning to the artist, to the community at large, or if it means anything to you as an individual (life experience, emotions, etc.) it is welcome!

If you want to perform, you can contact Cristina Santos at [email protected], find her on on facebook, or simply talk to another Kappa.


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