The creative force behind Secret Identities–the comic book anthology of Asian American superheroes–have started SIUniverse for Japan, an online auction to raise money for the ongoing relief efforts in Japan. Items up for bid include comics, books, action figures, CDs, DVDs, etc.–all donated by the creative talent behind Secret Identities. These people include:

* Keiko Agena
* Jimmy J. Aquino
* A.L. Baroza
* Blacklava
* Jef Castro
* Bernard Chang
* Lynn Chen
* Tanuj Chopra
* Keith Chow
* Jamie Ford
* Martin Hsu
* Michael Kang
* Shin Kawasaki
* Kazu Kibuishi
* Greg LaRocque
* Sonny Liew
* Jerry Ma
* Greg Pak
* Koji Steven Sakai
* Alexander Shen
* Parry Shen
* Tak Toyoshima
* Glenn Urieta
* Gene Yang
* Jeff Yang

A copy of Secret Identities, plus a bookplate signed by Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow and Jerry Ma is up for bidding as of today. You can head over to eBay Giving Works and search for seller ID “siuniverseforjapan.” You can also follow the auction on Twitter and Facebook.

All proceeds are going to GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.



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