Oooh, exciting news from the book front. Ellen Oh, a lawyer-turned-author, will be publishing the first of her three books on ancient Korea next summer. These won’t be history books. They’re YA fantasy novels based on Korean history and the Dragon King Prophecy.

Seven will become three. Three will become one. One will save us all.

For centuries, the Dragon King Prophecy has been more myth than truth. But now the seven kingdoms of ancient Korea face the destructive forces of a newly powerful Yamato army and its leader, the Daimyo, who struck a deal with a demon for the power to conquer the world.

PROPHECY is about Kira Kang, the only female warrior of the Musadan Army and a bona fide demon slayer who has the unusual ability to sense the presence of demons. With the assassination of several kings and the Yamato invasion of the peninsula, Kira finds herself racing north, part of a small group dedicated to protecting her cousin Taejo, the crown prince of Hansong, who may or may not be the legendary Dragon Knight fated to reunite the Seven Kingdoms. Filled with Korean culture and mythology, PROPHECY introduces a new, magical fantasy world that I believe is unique to current YA literature.

Sounds exciting! It combines so many things I love: Asian history and folklore, fantasy, and female characters with lots of agency. I have to remember to put this on my reading list when it’s published.

For more information on Ellen Oh and the trilogy, check out her website.

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