In four short weeks, America has undergone a drastic change. To some, these four weeks have been an overwhelming wakeup call and to others, just a numb notice of what they already knew was going to happen. Either way, the majority of Americans are now taking part in what I’m calling the “Cheeto Nazi Resistance”. For those of you who are feeling helpless in a time when support is so desperately needed, here is a list of things you can do right now to take part in fighting back, as well as various ways to practice self care.

  1. Donate to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Council on American Islamic Relations, NAACP or Everytown for Gun Safety (Here is a complete and thorough list of other places you can donate).
  2. GO to Planned Parenthood and get your yearly physical done or birth control. Take care of your body! Available for men and women!
  3. Boycott certain products and stores.
  4. But also remember to treat yo’ self to a shopping spree if that’s what you’re into.
  5. If you really haven’t done so already, register to vote and then ACTUALLY go vote. Project Vote Smart and Vote 411 are great places to get bipartisan information on candidates and ballot propositions.
  6. Meet likeminded people and volunteer at a local campaign. There will be special elections across the country for certain public offices in 2017. Find a campaign to work on here and here.
  7. Sick of seeing his face? Download this chrome extension that will replace pictures of him with cute kittens.
  8. Donate old books you may have lying around to the Prison Book Program.
  9. Get out of the bubble and take a hike or explore a national park near you.
  10. Stay informed and download BBC News or NY Times on your phone and allow notifications for news alerts.
  11. Adopt or foster an animal; they need love during these times too!
  12. Write an Op-Ed for your local newspaper, or newsmagazine.
  13. Be a millennial and learn which photos you should share.
  14. Participate in a local march and show solidarity for the issue at hand.
  15. Don’t completely spiral — keep a sense of humor. Luckily the internet is the best place for that.
  16. Run for office. No seriously, there are tons of local elections that will be coming up and the best place to make change is at that level.
  17. Find your Zen and try some yoga to take care of your mind and body. Many studios offer free trials.
  18. Attend town meetings of your local representative or senator! Not sure who your rep is? Find them here.
  19. After you do that, make sure to sign up for their email list so you can stay informed on what they’re doing in Congress as well as upcoming events where they will be present.
  20. Pretend to be Picasso and dabble in some adult coloring books.
  21. Protect our access to free press and give to National Public Radio.
  22. Remember that change happens at a local level, so stay informed of your State Legislature. Track what bills are being brought up. Support the ones you want, and fight the ones you don’t!
  23. Unplug from social media and delete your most addicting apps for a day or two (Yes, scary but 100% possible).
  24. Make sure you’re carrying a government issued photo I.D. with you at all times.
  25. Keep your calendar cleared for April 15 and be prepared to march.
  26. Remind yourself that this won’t last forever.



Jehan Kazi is a staff writer and manager for Pacific Ties Newsmagazine. She is also the President and Founder of the American Association of University Women at UCLA. When she’s not busy endlessly reading for her pre-law classes, she’s actively seeking new foodie adventures and traveling.

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