My first year at UCLA, I took a year long, 30 week course on Interracial Dynamics in America.  What I got out of it is the obvious reality that race sill matters, even thought many people would rather think it shouldn’t (hello? prop. 209?)  But in order to move towards a society where skin color isn’t a divisive attribute, we must give the underprivilged and the underrepresented more opportunities — then we will see a colorblind world.  But on the other side of that devil’s advocate argument… would that would be a real or artificially created world where race no longer matters?

There are certain spaces in our lives that we want to see as “colorblind” :

  • university
  • workplace
  • policing
  • and self-governance

But the nagging reality that persists is that race still matters in these spaces. There are racial dynamics that are ingrained in these instituations. Are we ignoring them because we so badly want to see them as colorblind?

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Posted by Maria Iu



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