(From top left: Tommy Chen, Linda Reyes, Ray Luo, Malina Tran, Huong Pham, Elizabeth Park, Claudia Li.  Bottom left: Shirley Mak, ThienVinh Nguyen, Maria Iu, Debbie Chong, Stepfanie Aguilar. Not pictured: Shirley Chau, Bryan Yoo, Derrick Oliver, Athalia Nakula, Emily Ho, Hyun Cheol Oh)

Hi from the Pacific Ties Staff! Here we are by the dumpsters…which also conveniently serves as a nice place for our staff photo.  We’re gearing up to publish our Winter 2009 issue and here’s a few things to look forward to:

  • Our Winter 2009 issue – out on newsstands Week 7!
  • Pacific Ties signboard! On Bruinwalk!
  • Launch Party – TBA
  • Our photochallenge! DEADLINE for submissions is Feb. 6th.
  • The new and improved FAN PAGE on Facebook
  • And also lots of new content and exclusive info on this site

So while we are hibernating in Kerckhoff Hall (where the newsmag is produced) for the next week, please consider subscribing our the magazine (it’s free!) and particpate in the conversation with your comments.  See you in PRINT 🙂

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