But until then, there’s Kenneth Choi as Jim Morita in Captain America. Jim Morita is one of the Howling Commandos, an elite American military unit fighting during World War II. I don’t know anything about Captain America or the Marvel comics, to be honest–I’m more of a Batman/DC Comics fan–but here’s a short character bio from IMDB:

Jim Morita was an American-born man of Japanese ancestry (Nisei) who joined the armed forces during World War II and became a ranger. He was sent to Able Company to serve in a squad of Nisei rangers under the command of Captain Samuel Sawyer, but arrived on the base days before the rest of his squad. Wild-Man Wilson and another soldier picked on him for being Japanese, and when they got rough he used judo to fight back. Sgt. Nick Fury sprang to Jim’s aid and helped drive them away.

Interesting…you can watch the trailer for Captain America here. I didn’t actually see Kenneth Choi until the second time I watched that trailer, and I might not have spotted him at all if Angry Asian Man hadn’t blogged about it. So much for my Asian-spotting skills.



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