Do you like vietnamese sandwiches? Does the combination of meat and cilantro atop crispy French bread make your taste buds salivate? Well, you’re in luck because the Nom Nom truck has recently launched in L.A.! Move over Kogi BBQ, because you’ve got competition!

From their website:

Nom Nom truck is a mobile food truck that will serve “Banh Mi”, or Vietnamese Sandwiches, and other Vietnamese-inspired dishes to West Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area.  We plan to launch our truck some time this August, so keep your eye out for us!  To follow our progress on preparing for our August launch, please keep coming to our Web site, for updates, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Mmm, banh mi...
Mmm, banh mi…
The nom nom logo
The nom nom logo

For more information (you know you want some): visit their website

Follow them on Twitter

-posted by Shirley Mak


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