An interactive map created by the Chronicle of Higher Education seeks to help answer questions regarding national educational disparities in light of President Obama’s State of the Union speech with its particular emphasis on education.

The graphic, made from mostly Census data, contains a color-coded scale that correlates to the percentage of adults in each county with college degrees. The bluer the county, the more college graduates. Each county is then broken down by race, and classified according to income and population. The national average of adults with a bachelor’s degree is 27.5 percent; 29 percent for whites, 17.2 percent for blacks, and 12.6 percent for Latinos. As for Asians, the national average is 48.6 percent, but the map lumps all Asian Americans together.

California had a higher percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees (29.7 percent) as compared to the national average of 27.5 percent. Among high population counties in California, percentage for Asians with bachelor’s degrees ranged from 24.3 percent to 59.5 percent. In Los Angeles County, the percentage of Asians with bachelor’s degrees is 47.9 percent, compared to 32.1 percent for whites, 22.2
percent for blacks, and 9.4 percent for Latinos. The percentage for Asians with bachelor’s degrees in Los Angeles County increased from 34.9 percent in 1980 to 47.9 percent in 2005 to 2009.

By: Lisa Youn



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