In the 90s, ‘cybering’ referred to the non-exchange of bodily fluids kind of sex – internet sex.  Moreover, it involved a connection between individuals across any distance, a rarity in the age of pre MySpace.  But hey, who really uses the word ‘cybering’ anymore? With the cyber space littered with hundreds of social networking sites (SNS), we can make hundreds of connections with a click of a mouse.  Discussion is encouraged! Opinions matter! We read threads!


Over at the channel on YouTube, they posted this video of President Obama’s Transition’s Office of Public Liaison meeting with advocates for AAPI issues.  Unfortunately, there are no comments.  But you’re free to participate in the conversation.

There’s been a ton of discussion surrouding the President’s unprecedented use of SNSs – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter during his campaign.  It looks like we’re going to see more of it during the presidency.  I don’t know if we’re all becoming more media literate, but we definitely have the option to know more, read more, watch, see, PARTICIPATE more than ever before. The president gives weekly addresses!? We’re allowed to participate and join in the conversation!? Honestly, this is new to me – and for a whole generation of young people alienated by the the twilight zone we’ll just call the Bush Era.

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