From Kogis flickr page - their signature taco.
From Kogi’s flickr page – their signature taco.

So I’ve been following the Kogi taco truck around for the past few weeks. On Twitter.

Kogi is the brainchild of Mark Manguera, whose fusion of Korean BBQ and the ubiquitous taco truck has created a Los Angeles food sensation.  People keep talking about it – in class, at work, in my apartment, in the LA Times, in the New York Times, and this Newsweek Video which was part of our Communication Studies 156 lecture today.

The catch? You gotta follow Kogi on Twitter to find out where it’ll be next.  Marketing genius? Perhaps. Effective at creating a whole new grassroots food movement in LA? Definitely.  Only in Los Angeles can you find something like this – 14 million people, from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, and who love the hottest trends. First hand testimonials have got me salivating for this new food venture.  Next time Kogi hits up UCLA (it was on the corner of Midvale and Ophir last Tuesday!) I’m chasing it down.

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