Comedian Joe Wong made his debut appearance on the Late Show Friday night.

Joe Wong immigrated to the US from China in 1995 and is now a fixture at comedy clubs in the Boston/New England area. I love how his jokes are funny – without using the race card.  Some comedians make it their objective to get laughs out of racial humor (Russell Peters, Carlos Mencina) but Joe just tells it like it is.

I always wondered where the line of racial humor is drawn.  It’s ok to make fun of your own ethnicity right?  But when it gets to be self-depricating or self-hating, then it’s just irritating and unnecessary.  It becomes laughter aimed at racial stereotypes instead – cheap laughs for little humor.  Of course, it’s always a no-no for white comedians to use the racial humor thing – remember the Michael Richards/Kramar scandal?

Which comedians do you think go over the line?  Who does a good job? Should their be a line or should people stop being so sensitive?  I want to know your opinions! Discuss.

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