If you ever watch T.V. with me for a prolonged amount of time, you’ll quickly notice my habit of pointing at the screen and shouting “Asian!” every time there’s an Asian in a commercial. It…might not make you want to watch T.V. with me. Rest assured, though; you won’t be hearing any shouts of “Asian!’ here, because…well, it’s the internet. Here are some recent (?) commercials with Asian moms, though:

Nissan Quest’s multi-tasking mom.

Target’s All-American family (who happen to be Asian).

And another Target commercial with an Asian-American mom, her daughter, and her daughter’s boyfriend.

CVS commercial.

And for variety, an Asian-American dad and his son…and Shaq.

I know that I sometimes talk about how “Americanized” someone or their family is. And being “All-American” doesn’t have to mean playing tether ball or posing for farm-themed photos. But it’s really, really nice to see an ad that shows an Asian family doing just that. Because there are families that play tether ball and pose for farm-themed photos–and just happen to be Asian. It’s refreshing to see acknowledgment of that on my T.V.


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