UCLA’s very own Count Me In campaign, which successfully got all the UC schools to disaggragate data on AAPI students, was featured on angryasianman’s Top 30 under 30 most influential people for the month of May! Congrats to:

Soetheara Chhay, Lisa Chorn, Christine Corrales, Craig Ishii, Alex Lowe, Jason Osajima, Tina Park, Kevin Peanh, Melissa Phatharanavik, Alma Riego, Nefara Riesch, Pamela Saelieb, Sopheap Sam, Christine Santos, Candice Shikai, Jonathan Tran, and Cynthia Vuong

and our friends at Asian Pacific Coalition for making this possible. With better data on how different groups of AAPI students are performing, we can now create better policies about aid and education to assist those who have been underrepresented in the past.

angryasianman – 30 under 30: “count me in” campaign
Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA


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