This month let’s watch the moon grow full
trading wishes and sweet dishes, luck in red envelopes
that reflect firecracker light. If I can trade pennies for your thoughts
then perhaps also dollars for your dreams 

that will ward off evil spirits, that will fight off ghosts. And you
match my words and my gestures—I sometimes wonder from 
instinct or from the heart. But we still trade the same two dollars 
between cousin and sister 

and daughter, you may wait for someone you may never 
meet. Like a braid unraveling into parallel strands, we someday may never 
converge again. We keep chasing these hopes, 
orbiting around different suns in circles, in circles, in cycles, in cycles

never spent, never bought, just borrowed.
Luck and Time like gold melted and remolded
visit different skies, dimming and brightening again—
both constant and elusive like a friend or a

lover, let’s trade resolutions and resolve for better
And if we live on Borrowed Time, let’s celebrate each year.
And if we live on Borrowed Luck, I’ll share some with you. 

Visual Credit: John Xiao


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