dragons dancing six stories below, firecrackers breathing smoke
into congested streets. buildings rise up like phoenixes out of the ashes & 
us, born anew with ideas of the future fresh in mind. grandmother recites a 
prayer for luck and prosperity, we eat noodles for longevity & spring rolls
for wealth. i wonder if it is greedy to want something more specific,
more grounding. perhaps we have different ideas of success & fulfillment.
maybe it is not something we are, but perpetually becoming. perhaps my version 
doesn’t include a husband & a desk job & a white picket fence. this vision 
of mine is much less complete, blurry around the edges, but it is mine
& so I resolve to drink tea for good health & eat oranges for wealth & all the 
other things a young person dreams of knowing. as fireworks rain down, brilliant
bursts of color falling from the sky like stars, I send up this prayer, something new
& something unlike.

Visual Credit: Jason Leung


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