Even though I’m no longer part of Pacific Ties, I would just like to make one more post.  Recently, Pacific Ties won the Best Overall Publication award from Campus Progress – a non-profit organization that supports student journalism on college campuses throughout the US.  Without their generosity and support, we would’ve never come this far in such a short period of time.

Here are a few words from David Spett, our friendly liason at Campus Progress:

“Pacific Ties, the oldest student-run Asian American Pacific Islander newsmagazine in the nation, has a better design than many if not most professional publications. It mixes its written content with info graphics and a diverse array of eye-catching photographs. Every single one of its stories has an angle that makes it directly relevant to the audience at hand,” said David Spett, Campus Progress Publications Associate. “Pacific Ties injects itself into the local debate by providing original reporting and informed opinions specifically relevant to its campus and community. In turn, its journalism enlightens readers and encourages critical thought,” he added.

We feel truly honored and we thank all those who have worked with Pacific Ties over the past 31 years and all those who have supported us.  A big thanks goes out to UCLA Student Media (esp. to Amy Emmert, Arvli Ward, Doria Deen, Mike O’Connor) and all the other newsmags in our hallway.

There are no words to describe how proud I am of my staff and how much we’ve accomplished in just one year.  All I can say is that we all look forward to seeing bigger and better things from Pacific Ties and that we’ll be sure to be around no matter how the world of journalism changes.

Maria Iu was editor in chief of Pacific Ties from 2008-2009.  She has recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in Communication Studies and looks forward to seeing where life takes her next.  Malina Tran will be editor in chief for Pacific Ties’s 2009-2010 publication run.


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