Mighty Mic’s first educational event, VOICES FROM BURMA is coming up soon, on Wednesday, February 18 6-8PM in Northwest Auditorium. The show is FREE, but we gladly accept donations of any amount. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and U.S. Campaign for Burma.

VOICES FROM BURMA is a dramatic show featuring monologues written by individuals living within Burma who have experienced torture, abuse, imprisonment, and the growing degradation of basic human rights under an oppressive military regime. In Burma, there is no freedom of speech. We feel that it is time that the forcibly silenced people of Burma are given a voice. On this night, we hope to do their life stories justice by bringing them to life for the UCLA community.

Mighty Mic is organized and executed entirely by UCLA undergraduate students. Each year, they select a different social justice-related cause as the focal point of their event.

*Look for an in-depth interview with the creators of Mighty Mic in our Winter 2009: The Dialogue Issue.  Coming soon.

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