Who knew that there was so much to know about culture?

Culture that is so deeply rooted within its own community,

It aspires me to write about my own life adventure.

I write what it is to be Hmong, what it is to be me.


Who knew that Hmong people have a complex way of life?

A life that incorporates collectivism within its own kind,

It allows me to achieve inner harmony and peace with martial strife.

Tying strings, chants and jingle bells, spirituality is what I find.


Who knew that accepting oneself could be so empowering?

So empowering, that I fear not being a misunderstood yellow man,

But that being Hmong and being me is worth embracing!

I am Asian, I am Asian American, I am Hmong, I am Hmong American!


My name is Josh and I am a first-generation Hmong college student. I come from a family of eight children, me being the second oldest, and three of my siblings are my adopted paternal cousins. I have a passion for photography, writing, and martial arts.

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