Every class, my professor provides his students with response sheets about the documentary we’ve viewed during class. Yesterday, he mentioned how he can measure if a student in class is actually invested in our topics through his questions: depends on how in-depth, critical, and well thought-out the answers. He pulled out three sheets, telling the whole class how great these answers were.

The first one was from a black student and the next one was from a white student. I couldn’t help but think, “Are there actually any Asian Americans who is really delving into this subject? Or are we just less articulated or something?” Of course, I was definitely jumping to conclusions. The last response was from a Filipino student.

The professor said he chose these responses without knowing what anyone looked like. It’s nice to know that there are actually others who are interested in learning about Asian American history and culture. I feel that other ethnic courses are explored by a good mix of students. Maybe in the next few years, Asian American courses will have more diversity with its student demographics.


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