Come yonder
To the land of opportunities
Where the brave, free, strong
Come yonder, to the land of the west
Where modern, progressive, democratic thought

Come hither and experience the hierarchy of
Race and class and sex. 
Some are born lucky,
They are the kings
Who reap rewards
From the pawns’
Labor of early dawns. 

The place where the dirt-poor
Can rise to the top?
Or the place where the common laborer
Sinks because there is no floor?
All while those with good blood soar.

A life of knowledge 
with an unreachable college.
A life of paradise
Controlled by some dice.
The game is played.
The loser wins.
A cheater is made. 

Where is the freedom 
That was promised?
Where is the better life 
That was promised?

Arrive on our shores
A new life will be yours.
The torch is held
But for who?

An illusion of power
But only the richest flower.
An illusion of democracy
But in reality, an oligarchy.
An illusion of equality
But never seen in any city.

Then why come?
After all that 
Drudging, trudging, laboring
To come to these roads,
Only to burden more loads.
Let go of that western-centric mentality
And face reality.
Everyone is corrupted
To think this land 
Is worth being exploited.

But the illusion exists.
And we are blind in our
Hope and faith and trust
That life will be better
For all of us.

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