To start, this is a bit of an informal post about something I discovered.  One of my friends commented about how all the k-pop stars look so gorgeous followed by another mentioning this thing called BB cream. So when I don’t know something, I typically open up Wikipedia and find an article about what I want to know and check out the sources that people link to for some reading pleasure. Anyways, here’s a little summary of what I discovered.

BB cream or otherwise known as Blemish Balm, Blemish Base, or Beblesh Balm was created in the 50s in Germany by Dr. Christine Schrammek. Its original purpose was to protect the skin after laser surgery. Thirty years later, it was introduced into the Asian market where it became an instant success for Korean actors and actresses. BB cream serves as a moisturizer, protects the skin from UV damage, hydrates the skin, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also might contain rejuvenating anti-aging properties as well.

Some guys might be afraid to rub on their face what may seem to be a “girly” product  but rest assured, BB cream was designed for both women and men. Also, for our non-Asian readers, don’t feel as if this cream is only for the next K-Pop idol, BB cream has also been localized for the western market.

Anyway so the next time I stop by K-town, I will be buying a bottle of this so-called “miracle cream” and trying it out. If any of you wish to try out this experiment as well with me, you can send Pacific Ties an email about your experience or simply comment below!

By: Jiemin Zhou











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