UCLA’s Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) will hold its 36th annual culture night on Monday, January 18 in Royce Hall. The culture night, See You Tomorrow, deals with mental health within the Vietnamese community.

Sarah Ho serves as director and Amy Lam and Josh Tran serve as co-producers. Cultures nights are student run and produced productions, often starting production before the school year even begins.

This year’s theme deals specifically with depression in the Vietnamese community. It follows the trend of traditionally taboo topics such as human trafficking, gang violence, LGBTQ issues, and mail-order brides.

We wanted to put it in the context of the modern-day Vietnamese experience, including parental stigma, stressors, and effects of depression. This theme is very personal to many of the staff membersmany have experienced depressive symptoms, or closely know someone who has,” said director Sarah Ho.

The culture night will also feature performances by VSU Modern, VSU Traditional Dance, and AweChords A Capella.

Even though that culture nights are free for the public to attend, the cost of putting on such a large production is great.

This year’s estimated cost is expected to be around $30,000, mainly toward the cost to rent out Royce Hall. In order to help offset the costs, the staff set up a gofundme page for the public to donate.

To get tickets, please visit the Central Ticket Office between Monday, January 11 and Wednesday, January 13.


Brian Kohaya is a second year psychology and communications major and Asian American studies minor. In his spare time, he likes creating new ways to avoid people on Bruinwalk and watching an embarrassing number of Buzzfeed videos.

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