A few months ago, my boyfriend and I discovered a new bubble tea joint in Pasadena, California. Aside from its cute name, Tpumps offers a variety of colorful flavors! Tpumps originates from NorCal, so it’s really exciting that we can get a taste of NorCal boba in SoCal. The lines can be long at certain hours of the day, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Plus, they give out free samples while you wait in line. Inside, they have a T.V. slideshow displaying Instagram photos of people tagged with Tpumps drinks.

You can be famous! Staff is friendly and ordering is amazing. You can combine up to three flavors, alter the sweetness level, and add different toppings. It’s like building your own drink. I personally like doing this. But even if you don’t, they recently added a “fan favorites” and a “top ten” board of customized drinks. My favorite drink would be the Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Peach Green Tea with Mango Popping Boba and Light Sweetness. My fiancé’s favorite drink is the Taro, Hazelnut, Marshmallow Black Tea with Honey Boba and Light Sweetness.  There are just bottomless possibilities! So would you like a Tpumps (16 oz) or a Pumpbo (32 oz) today?


Jenny Huang is a second year undergraduate student at UCLA. She grew up in Los Angeles and loves her hometown like no other. Her simple life pleasures include fashion and video games. Her life goal is to help all the animals in the world. Favorite animals include puppies, bunnies, and penguins. She is the mommy of a one year old Pomeranian puppy.

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