Hot cup of cocoa caressed by clammy palms

You lie warm and content in the embrace of your old blanket

Cocooned by alternating layers of fur and nostalgia

Soaking in the crimson sunrise

A gentle rain trickles down from the sky

Flirting with your flimsy window-panes

Tapping in tune to the sashay of the palm trees

As they coyly shield their gaze from the outpour

Your mother’s downstairs in the kitchen 

Bartering pancakes for smiles

Your little brother’s tinkling laughter 

Bounces off the tabletops, rolling on to the floor

Frank Sinatra serenades you, unruffled by your morning breath

His booming, soothing promises kiss your pinking ears

For once your mind isn’t aswim with worry

And your phone hasn’t screamed for attention just yet.

Cotton candy dreams flit around the room

Lightheaded at the prospect of an untouched new day

Brimming with possibilities

Grinning with anticipation

Outside, the grass sparkles like a string of diamonds, 

Aglisten with dew, waiting to tickle your tired toes,

As they sink into this unsinkable carpet of fresh starts

Greening your flickering mind, one crunch at a time

Tomorrow you may have to return to the humdrum reality

That hums its own tune off-key, out-of-sight for the moment,

Waiting to recapture its spot in the limelight

Waiting to pull you on stage with it, unprepared and a little flustered

But today?

Today, this is just enough


A 2nd-year Communications major trying to squeeze in minors in English and Cognitive Science, Ayushee is a meme-enthusiast who firmly believes that pineapple belongs on pizza and that dark chocolate is the universal cure to a bad day.

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