So last night, some of us from PacTies were invited to a screening of Feast at Rieber, the new Pan-Asian restaurant at Rieber (duh). It was pretty good: bulgogi sandwiches, curry fries, thin-crust pizza with chives and pineapples, nothing short of Kogi except that it’s not on wheels. But the yummiest thing that I took from the experience (literally took, though that might’ve been illegal) were their peanut butter mochis!!

Despite what popular opinion might say about these weird little pink gummy mouthfuls of goodness, I’d still prefer these buddies over red-bean mochi anyday. They were essentially pink mochi balls filled with smooth, creamy, crunchy peanut butter. I remember having a peanut butter mochi ball as a kid back home and loving it, but I was never again able to find another peanut butter mochi ball.

Until now.

So perhaps for others this novelty deserves a wrinkled nose, but for me I have been reunited with my peanut butter mochi, and I shall never again depart.

Sorry guys, no pics. I ate it up before I could take a picture.


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